Sunday, December 25, 2016

Silverstone Redline Series RL06 PC Case

Silverstone affordable PC enthusiast Redline RL06 case
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■ Stunning exterior styling with fine details
■ Super clean internal look with PSU and drive bay cover
■ Quick access filters for easy cleaning
■ Motherboard back plate opening for quick CPU cooler assembly
■ All black painted interior for stylish look
■ Supports graphics cards up to 13.7"(348mm)


Note that there are several SKUs with varying accessory bundles





Continuing with the recent design fad of totally not having any concessions for ODD, fan controllers or card readers... resulting in a very clean uniform facade.


Array of power button, HDD access LED, USB3, USB2 and audio ports from left to right and the large easily removable 240 magnetic dust mesh. NMI button is MIA...

Windowed Side Panel

Single large window to show off the internal goodies


Sturdy case feet and another easily removable dust mesh, note also the finger access notch to aid easy popping off for the front panel


Single exhaust 120mm non-LED fan, ventilated replaceable i/o plates

Non-windowed Side Panel

Note the mild propensity to pick finger prints on the matte black surface

Plastic coated Thumbscrews

Gentle on your thumbs and case paint job, shown resting on top dust mesh

Panel Folding & Window Clips

Nicely rolled side panel folding, no more painful finger nicks


 Beautifully emblazoned Silverstone branding on the PSU shroud, you just can't miss it!

3  x front 120mm Red LED fans (1200rpm 0.33A)

Multiple cable access holes in the PSU shroud, nice!

Bundled fanbus for more fans than you can imagine. Large CPU socket back access hole to aid easy HSF swaps.

Storage Bays

3.5" sliding trays x 3

2.5" brackets x 2

Fitting Up

Officially supports up to ATX format as the max mobo size, a top 240 radiator of the slim variety is possible


e-ATX - possible?

Water head?

Brilliant Rich Reds

Special mention for the vast improvement in the front panel plastic colour production over the earlier RL05 model sample, very nice!

More brownie points for super easy to clean removable dust meshes

Room for improvement

Reset button MIA, mild finger print magnet as had mentioned earlier and maybe just to nitpick, budgety over-enthu hot glue blob job (hidden away though). No other glaring mis-steps noticed so far.

Initial Impressions

Definitely an attractive modern PC case with a clean facade, glitzy red LED fans and easy handling for assembly and dust management.
  • striking attractive looks
  • generous 3 x 120mm LED fans, 1 x 120mm non-LED fan
  • bundled fanbus supports up to 10 fans
  • beautifully done PSU shroud
  • supports long video cards (350mm) and PSUs (242mm)
  • cable management options