Thursday, November 22, 2018

Team Group T-Force RGB - DDR4-3000 16GB Night Hawk Kit & Delta S 250GB SSD

Team Group T-Force RGB 

In line with the PC industry movement for the enthusiasts over recent years, component manufacturers have also been endlessly rushing heads over heels into the retail market with RGB offerings.

Team Product Page

As can be seen from the product pages, the received samples are each the most entry level models from the Night Hawk and Delta S range respectively. There are clearly more capacious and speedier models out there.

Present owners would note that these are currently among the most affordable RGB components from a well known memory/storage manufacturer.


Compact flat boxes with minimal stuffing.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Probably the main claim to fame for these two products other than the pricing, the RGB light show galore. Kindly pardon the camera shake as the morning coffee hasn't properly kicked in yet.

For a little more completeness sake, perhaps some screenshots and stress tests. Of course, longer stress testing allows for more accurate and thorough results so pamper yourself as you deem fit.



Reveals these to be Micron based sticks. Interesting these matched pair has serial numbers which are rather far apart.

TPU MemTest64

You can run this till your power bills break the bank... so just a short sample here.

HyperPi 32M

The ol' fave quickie for RAM and mem controller stability

Initial Impressions

After crazy prices the past few years, RAM and SSD prices are finally falling this year end holiday season (hurray!!!) so RGB bling bling at reasonable pricing like these Team Group offerings is yet another good reason to jump in and enjoy yourself. Better don't miss it this time around.