Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Corsair Graphite 380T Mobile Gaming mITX Case

Official Blurb

"The Graphite Series 380T is designed to be the definitive mobile gaming enclosure. "

Official Website


  • New industrial design available in white with white LEDs, black with red LEDs, or yellow with 
  • white LEDs
  • Reinforced built-in carrying handle
  • Integrated three-speed fan controller for front 140mm LED intake and rear 120mm exhaust
  • Tool-free bays for 2.5” and 3.5” drives
  • Easy access latched and ventilated side panels
  • Built-in toggle-able internal lighting
  • Support for 240mm radiator inside
  • Available in black, white, or yellow

Official Specs

The Maximums

Maximum discrete card length 290mm
Maximum CPU cooler height 150mm
Maximum power supply length 160mm (note that the cardboard box has a typo, latter photos)


Do note the physical dimensions of 356 x 292 x 393mm and it being a mITX only case

Specs On Paper


Safely ensconced in a tough foam sandwich and a clear plastic bag

Various Views

Enjoy the impressively tight fit lines of the various panels, seem barely visible even from this close distance.

A close-up of the front/top I/O featuring the power, reset buttons and LEDs, fan speed control, audio ports  and finally, the 2 x USB3 ports. Note also the semi-matte/gloss yellow finish which aids in minimising finger prints.

This very power button is the proud result of a close ID collaboration between Corsair and BMW DesignWorks... Source

And the reason why the yellow and white models cost more... they use stuff from the F1 supercar paint supplier! Source

Integrated Top Case Handle

Feels generous and solidly firm


With the side panels removed, showing the press to release front dust grille/mesh and its mechanism

Bundled fan markings close-up - optionally upsize this to a mega 200mm monster to create a straight-thru wind tunnel!

Close-up of the front grille/mesh - front and back, note the neat folding over of the metal grille catches

Side Panels

Beautifully done with top smoked plastic and bottom grille/mesh, superb fitting and totally tool-free ease of operation. Do note the interior LED switch button on the top left corner.

Close-up of the interior LED switch button

Close-up of the side panel - front and back, again note the smoked plastics and folding over of the metal grille catches


Seems steeped in studied Zen symmetry, note also the reusable ventilated expansion plates


Lovely legs/feet and woah... the removable dust mesh is amazingly done in matching yellow - what would they think of next?!

Interior Views

revealing the tool-free 2 x 2.5" and 2 x 3.5" storage bays

The various cables and system header wires

The Brown Corsair box and 3.5" Storage Tray

Initial Impressions

  • Love at first sight, that gorgeous yet functional design!
  • Sturdy integrated carrying handle
  • Beautiful rich & lethal yellow-black combination - Bumblebee, is that you?
  • Superb paint job & fitting
  • Superb ventilation & dust cutting potential
  • Totally tool-free 
  • Great access to interior
  • Built-in support up to 240mm radiator
  • Fan speed control
  • Interior LED with switch

Can be improved...
  • It is too big...
  • It is too small...
  • Looks like a pet box, icebox, industrial torch light etc... maybe even Mike Wazowski???

With Corsair's slick execution in both form and function, the Graphite 380T seems destined to be a clear winner cos it looks and handles just as great in real life!

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