Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Corsair HX1000i Platinum Power Supply - A Photo Guide

Incoming - the brand new HX1000i model with Platinum 80Plus certification.

Since it is yet to be listed on Corsair's website (which still only shows the older HX1000) so here's my photo guide to the new HX1000i.  And the mantra for this guide - less words, more bare naked photos... as some had strongly hinted/wanted!

HX1000i Features

  • Updated for 2014, the first Platinum 80Plus HX models
  • 7 year factory warranty
  • Fully modular
  • Zero rpm fan mode
  • USB Corsair Link cable & software utility
  • Purportedly hand selected components 


Trivia - this is one of the rare times that a Corsair sample is shipped from the US of A, they usually ship out of HK or Taiwan...



Note that the Voyager flashdrive containing this specific unit's test results comes only with review samples and not with retail units


Since the HX1000i specs are not yet listed by Corsair, these pages of interest from the bundled manual are posted up for your scrutiny


Being fully modular  means it comes with a fancy bag full of Corsair's trademark flat ribbon 

Summary Of Cable Types & Lengths

Beautifully done cable table, courtesy of Kitguru

The HX1000i Proper, Finally!

Want more photos or more words? Just holler & let me know...

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