Saturday, March 22, 2014

Introducing The New Crucial M550 SSD

Official Page


Production Status

Seems the 2.5" and mSATA are already in production while the M2 form factor is still pending...

Preview Sample

Came as a retail 2.5" package, proudly MIS ie. Made In Singapore!


Just the 7 mm SSD itself in anti-static plastic and a simple plastic spacer to pad up to 9.5 mm if need be

Do note that the fragile warranty void metallic foil sticker cos it tears very easily if manipulated in any way...


Tool needed - Philips screwdriver ie. + tip

Components Disclosed

Seems all inhouse Micron components from  the RAM cache to the MLC NAND flash chips themselves save for the debuting Marvell SATA3 controller.

Which NAND Should I Choose?

As can be seen, unlike its competitors Micron does not believe in utilising TLC for SSD purposes.

Current Pricing

The M550 is sandwiched between the Samsung Evo and Pro at this time of writing, Newegg links are listed below for your convenience. Do remember that the M550 is a newly launched product and its retail pricing will gradually drop over time.

Test Setup

★ Z87M OC Formula | i5-4670K@4.5GHz | NiCu HK 3.0-GTX360 | R9 290 | Thermaltake Smart SE 630W ★

Crystal Disk Info

Crystal Disk Mark

AS SSD Bench

ATTO Disk Benchmark 

Too New!

Yet unlisted in Crucial support page... that's how new it is.

The Crucial M4 and subsequently the M500 have been longtime favourites for their incredible cost performance and stability, will the M550 star shine as brightly too?

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