Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Thermaltake Core V71 Full Tower Chassis

The recent look at the Urban T81 showed Thermaltake being fully capable of rising to the challenge of designing and producing a serious enthusiast chassis. Now take a good long look at its new companion power model, the Core V71... its competitors would do well to watch out and learn.


  • Enthusiast-Focused Design
  • Fully Modular Concept
  • Tool-Free Installation
  • Supreme Air Cooling System
  • Extensive Liquid Cooling Support

Radiator Support

Fan Support

Preview Sample

Printed Specs


Usual large clear plastic bag and styrofoam blocks, no reusable fibre cloth bag here

Top View

Lovely curved corners (is it déjà vu for you too?), meshed top panel with honeycomb frame support, check out the useful ports provided and that supremely glorious looking power button!

Top Panel Explored

Simply pull off the top with your hands to show the reverse view - revealing the removable mesh (and factory manufacture date)

And this is what it looks like from the top when you have (easily) stripped off all the external panels... the teardown is a real cinch thanks to the just right panel machined fitting.

Front View

Like the top panel, the front panel is easily removed tool free showing the bundled 200mm LED fans x 2, ODD bays x 2 and the removable dust mesh

Bottom View

Showing the dual removable dust mesh and rubber feet for noise/skid proofing

Back View 

Showing bundled 140mm fan

Side Views

Showing the large window and the swing mechanism - to the front and lift off

The Interior

Demonstrating once again the inexplicable Taiwanese obsession with this particular shade of blue, it's just so very ... meh. A bundled can of black or red spray paint may come in very handy here (ahem). 


Top radiator accommodation

Video card accommodation

Optional removal of storage trays if you have super duper long cards, tool free using thumbscrews

PSU accommodation

Mobo Test Placement

featuring the e-ATX Crosshair IV Extreme

Early Impressions...

  • Full of potential due to its immense size and purpose built design - so many permutations for fans/water cooling and storage
  • Top notch aesthetics (besides that blue obsession... ) with good build quality
  • Tool free 
  • Superb access all round
  • Superb panel fitting, easy removable/tear down
  • Well meshed for minimising dust 
  • Fully grommeted access holes and fully sleeved cabling, very aesthetic
  • Good paint finish, not much of a finger print magnet
  • Generous bundle of fans (200mm x 3, 140mm x 1) and ATX12V extension cable
  • Fantastic cost performance

Can be improved...
  • Heavy
  • Simply get rid of that blue...ouch!

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