Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Corsair Graphite 760T - A Clear Cut Case

The very first PC case I have come across which uses full windows as side panels... whoa!

Preview Sample

Packaging & Specs

Full tower accommodating all the way up to e-ATX and XL-ATX form factors


Instead of the usual large plastic bag, Corsair includes a large fibre cloth bag which happily doubles up as a dust cover for owners fastidious with keeping their PCs spotless

Top View

Top mesh comes with a nice plastic cover attached by a few small magnets

You can try reading off the manufacturing date from the plastic top cover here...

Side Windows/Panels
Full size transparent poly carbonate windows which are slightly darkened, they swing outwards to the back and are easily & completely removable. Corsair must have put in some grease work here cos the end result is extremely aesthetic & elegant in operation.

The reverse view of the side window

Notice the small magnet helping to secure the side windows?

A close up of the side window hinge mechanism

Demonstrating the clarity & LED light transmission of the side windows by placing the manual and a small LED torch behind the window

Demonstrating the superb fit of plastic against metal of the side window, do check out the lustrous paint finishing too!

Front View

Comes with a stealth cover for your ODD, ooh nice!

Useful selection of ports plus fan speed control button

Front panel easily stripped off tool free... showing the bundled LED fans

The Front Panel

With press to release easily removable dust mesh

Close up of the stealth ODD cover (background - wedged a red pen to keep the cover ajar for this photo)

The Back View

With bundled fan

The Bottom View

With removable dust mesh and rubber foot pads for skid/noise proofing

The Interior

Once stripped of all the side windows & front panel... voila, a big welcome with wide open spaces!

Storage Bays

Tool free installation


 Top radiator accommodation

Video card accommodation

PSU  accommodation

Mobo Test Placement

featuring the e-ATX Crosshair IV Extreme

Brown Box Goodies

First Impressions

  • Snazzy black/white combo
  • Sleek design
  • Showy full side windows
  • Sharp detailing, smooth panel fitting & finishing
  • Spacious
  • Superb!

Room for improvement?
Non-grommetted back panel tube holes

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