Monday, March 31, 2014

The Corsair Carbide SPEC-02 Case

The Corsair Carbide Spec-02 case is one of the three models announced in the new line up of Corsair's  Carbide Spec range and is priced exactly the same as Spec 03. As such, it is targeted at budget gamers with less than deep pockets yet desire up-to-date niceties in their cases.

There is a lot in common with the Spec 03 model thus you may get an immense but unavoidable sense of déjà vu reading this Spec-02 sharing.  Do check out the Spec 03 sharing as linked here too,
Spec 03

Preview Sample


Top View
Note the unusual off-centre offset in the fan mountings to maximise the gap between the mobo and radiator

Front View

Bundled LED fan x 1 with mounting holes for another, note also the dual LEDs for the colour strip of the front panel..

The Front Panel Up Close

Factory manufacture date

Side Views

With close ups of the side panels

Bottom View

With close ups of the dust mesh and mounting

Back View

Bundled fan and grommets for the tube holes

Interior View

Spartan as expected in a budget model but still tool free and fully functional and capable

Storage Bays

Totally tool free


Top radiator accommodation

Video card accommodation

PSU accommodation

Mobo Test Placement

Featuring the ECS Z87H3-A4, ATX form factor model

White Box Goodies

First Impressions

  • Low cost Corsair case with large window
  • Doesn't look cheap
  • Forward looking with modern necessities eg. SSD bays
  • Tool free, mostly
  • Good paint job without finger print issues
  • Light, just 5+ kg

Can be improved...
  • Non tool free maintenance front dust mesh
  • Sheet metal subjectively feels thinner than higher end Corsair cases 
  • More interior grommets would be nice

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