Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Thermaltake Urban T81 Full Tower Chassis

Looks like Thermaltake is on the warpath all over to gain new ground among the power enthusiasts with its new offering.

Official Page

Just check out the impressive configurations you can do up with this model...

Water World

Radiator Configs

Fan Configs

What do you think, is Thermaktake taking the right direction with their new enthusiast models ... ?

Preview Sample



Thermaltake dresses it up in customised protective all black "clothes"

Ah, finally exposed!

Top View

Front View

With its swing out door and removable dust meshes

Side View

With its dual side swing panels, acrylic window and lock

Bottom View

With its removable dust mesh

Back View

With water tubing holes and key holder

Open sesame!

The windowed side panel swings out and back and can be totally removed for better handling and access, note also the fully grommeted interior and sleeved cables

The same spring catches also play the same role for the forward swing door

Storage Bays & Trays

With removable tool free 3.5" trays

Back Of Mobo Tray

Cable management loops and bundled 10 channel fanbus

Measuring Up


Using only bare hands, it's totally tool free stripping...

Reverse sides of top, front panel - from front to back

Brown Box Goodies

With bundled 8 pin & 4 pin ATX12V extension, super nice!

Fitting Up!

With the fully modular Thermaltake Toughpower 850W PSU and e-ATX sized Asus Crosshair IV Extreme mobo

Early Impressions...

  • Full of potential due to its immense size and purpose built design - so many permutations for water cooling
  • Good build quality 
  • Almost totally tool free 
  • Superb access all round
  • Nice removable swing door
  • Well meshed for minimising dust 
  • Fully grommeted access holes and fully sleeved cabling, very aesthetic
  • Good paint finish, not much of a finger print magnet
  • Generous bundle of fans (200mm x 3, 140mm x 1), 10 channel fanbus and ATX12V extension cable

Can be improved...

  • Heavy
  • Tight plastic panels


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  1. How much clearance is there on the top? 25mm? And how thick of a rad can you run? it looks like its 75mm to top of the board, so a max of 50mm rad?